Product Focus: Stopgap SRS

We take a closer look at F. Ball’s time-saving solution for repairing weak/friable screeds for this month’s product focus.

What is it?

Stopgap SRS (surface reinforcement system) is a two-component epoxy resin reinforcement material designed to quickly stabilise and reinforce poor and weak screeds made of sand/cement and calcium sulphate.

Where is it used?

Stopgap SRS can be used in many situations where screeds are found to be weak/friable – often the result of improper installation or curing techniques. This eliminates the need to remove and replace poorly compacted or weak screeds.

The product can be used over certain cement-based screeds containing high levels of subfloor construction moisture prior to the application of F. Ball’s Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane. It is also suitable for use over screeds containing hot water pipes.

How it works:

Stopgap SRS penetrates the surface of poorly compacted or weak screeds to fill voids and cracks and bind loose particles.

Contractors simply mix the components thoroughly, pour the mixture over the weak subfloor and spread out with a rubber squeegee, working into the surface until no more liquid is absorbed.

Stopgap SRS acts rapidly, allowing weak screeds to be reinforced overnight to provide a suitable base for the installation of subsequent subfloor preparation products.

For more information about Stopgap SRS, visit the F. Ball website.