60 Second Interview: Darren Abbott from Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring

Quick fire questions with Darren Abbott from Abbott's Carpets & Flooring.

Name: Darren Abbott
Age: 50
Company: Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring
Job Title: Director

How did you get into the flooring industry?
I took part in a Youth Training Scheme at a carpet and furniture shop 34 years ago and was placed at a carpet fitters.

What’s been the biggest change in the industry in the past 10 years/since you started?
The sheer volume of products that contractors have to keep up to date with.

Looking forwards, what do you think will be the biggest change in the next 10 years?
With Brexit looming, I think there will continue to be a rise in sales of British products by British companies. We’ve always tried to support local businesses by purchasing products manufactured in England.

What’s the worst job you’ve been on?
Any sort of repair work.

And what’s the best?
The best jobs are when we get on really well with the customer.

Do you have go-to-products for certain jobs?
Styccobond F46 adhesive and Stopgap 1200 Pro levelling compound are the real go-to products for us, as well as Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane and Stopgap P131 primer. I could probably work for F. Ball with all my knowledge; there’s no one in the industry making better products.

What do you like best about the job?  
Aside from the freedom of being my own boss (within limits!), I enjoy the variety of the job. No two days are ever the same.

What is your least favourite thing about the job?
Customers who try to cut costs and question my product recommendations, which, inadvertently, questions my experience at the same time. Trust the experts, it’s what we’re there for!