Product focus: Stopgap 850 Exterior

For this month’s product focus, we take a look at F. Ball’s weatherproof levelling compound for outside use.

What is it?

Stopgap 850 Exterior is a non-structural levelling compound for smoothing uneven or damaged concrete or sand/cement screeds in areas that will be subject to light to medium traffic.

Where is it used?

Stopgap 850 Exterior is unaffected by rain or frost, so it’s ideal for smoothing outside areas, including patios, balconies and garages. It creates a suitable base for outdoor floorcoverings, including artificial grass, and it can also be left as a stand-alone, exterior wearing surface.

The levelling compound is suitable for indoor use too. Its moisture tolerant properties make it ideal for smoothing damp and uneven or damaged sand/cement screeds prior to the application of a moisture management solution, such as Stopgap waterproof surface membranes or Stopgap isolator membrane.

Something you might not know about the product:

Stopgap 850 can be applied to slight gradients. To attain a suitable consistency for this purpose, contractors need only reduce the water content in the standard mix slightly. 

For more information about Stopgap 850 Exterior, visit the F. Ball website.